To serve you fully in your ceremony we have made the planning and decision process simple and easy



Touch the Contact Elly button to put us in touch. I will respond immediately. To understand your specific interests, timing and location. we then meet in person for 60 to 90 minutes. 


I give you a folder with licensing info, a template for ways to structure your ceremony and sample love stories to help you choose a style that works for you.


When you book your date with me  whether a month or a year ahead, we set our plans into motion for a unique and inspired ceremony. 




To start the process I send you a draft “script” reflecting how your ceremony will flow based on the options you found  attractive.  


I will also send you each a questionnaire to provide me with details of your love story. In the following weeks I write your story, and send you a draft copy for approval.


I also send you 19 pages with suggested readings and vows and review details about the processional and other rituals you have chosen.





 "During" includes both rehearsal day and your ceremony day/evening.


I will lead your rehersal with your venue coordinator/ wedding planner, and answer all questions for everyone involved.


On your wedding day I arrive early to rehearse cues with musicians or DJ, and check on your well-being. I also brief readers and wedding party members who may have missed the rehearsal.


I will officiate your ceremony and stay briefly to greet your guests, handle documents that need signing and add my hearty congratulations to you and your family! 




After your wedding I make certain that city hall receives your signed license.


I also revise your ceremony script into a keepsake, including an ornamental marriage certificate. I send this to you within thirty days of your wedding.


Optional Consultation

Sometimes issues arise around your wedding that might  concern you. I may be available to schedule time with you (fee based) to untangle those issues.


I provide, on request, an interactive  facilitation to resolve decisions & planning from key parties 


Resolving these issues in advance will  inclease everyone's peace of mind on your wedding day.