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            Elly Jackson's
Boston Ceremonies

Wedding Officiant and Life Cycle Celebrant

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Vow Renewals

Baby Blessings


Celebrations of Life

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Elly's Ceremonies


Your Unique Love Story



They say.....

  • If you’re looking for experience, personalization, and someone who knows how to put the focus on the couple - pick Elly!

  • She eased any anxieties we had about our ceremony, …and included every personal touch we wanted. She made us laugh, made guests laugh, and brought a joy to the room we are so incredibly thankful for.

  • The love story she crafted was a lovely combination of my husband’s and my individual accounts of our life together, what we cherish about each other, and what hopes we have for the future.

  • We laughed, we cried, and we shared the most vulnerable moments together in front of our family and friends - elly made that happen. Thank you so much - would definitely recommend!

  • The moment we met her on Zoom for our initial meeting/interview, we knew she was the perfect fit. 

Elly Jackson is amazing. I can’t speak highly enough of her work. She had the bride and groom each fill out a questionnaire, separately, before the big day. Then she uses the responses along with information from our initial zoom conversation to weave together an incredible love story of the couple’s journey. Prior to the big day she lets you review the story. The story that she delivered on our special day was so good that our wedding guests actually thought she knew us personally.

Months after the wedding our guests are still talking about how unique our wedding ceremony was. They specifically cite Elly and how great of an officiant she was… we couldn’t agree more!!! I strongly encourageyou to use Elly as your wedding officiant - you will not be disappointed

On 12/25/2022 by Gary M

Elly is just fabulous! My husband and I found Elly on The Knot, and were thankfully able to hire her only a few months before our big day!


The moment we met her on Zoom for
our initial meeting/interview, we knew she was the perfect fit. Elly is kind, well-spoken, friendly, and calm.


She eased any anxieties we had about our ceremony, and worked to ensure that each and every one of the personal touches we wanted to include in our
wedding, were included. She made us laugh, made guests laugh, and brought a joy to the room we are so incredibly thankful for.


We are so thankful we reached out to Elly for our wedding day, and highly recommend her!

On 11/06/2022 by Melissa O

I Say.....

Humankind from the beginning of time has used ritual and ceremony to mark the passages of life. 


Religious sects have honorably carried this duty in modern times, but today we are more secular and therefore crave a system to mark our major life events.


As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, certified among thousands now all over the world, I have trained and practiced in creative, symbolic, meaningful, ancient and modern methods to bring back the dignity and deeper meaning of life’s transitions.


Your wedding, baby blessing, funeral or memorial can provide a new, diverse community to emerge to celebrate the love that binds us all. Celebrant ceremonies are works of art and this work is my expression of value in the world on behalf of those I serve. Let me serve your values as well.


 Fees and Services


All ceremony fees vary depending on the preparation involved.


Your ceremony is not boilerplate; your story, rituals, readings,  and vows are all written or selected  to reflect you.

Wedding Fees


  • Based on customizing, prices range between 700-1000. 2024 rates will rise slightly.


  • Additional charges with a formal rehearsal (100 extra). A zoom rehearsal is free.


Travel charges might apply.

Services: Customized ceremony script updates; research and resource material; consultations with musicians/DJ/. Advice for photographer, videographer and venue staff as needed. Can provide a portable Bose speaker system. Rehearse at the venue or on Zoom.  I will arrive one hour before the ceremony to coordinate the "team".

Funerals, Memorials, and Celebrations of Life


These are also customized to include the deceased wishes and the family wishes, and these unique ceremonies reflect the best of what must be remembered.

Fees range from 500-1000.

Services: All of these many options are available upon request.

Beach Town

How it Works:

All weddings require a deposit of 200. Deposit can be by check or through Venmo or Paypal.

When I receive your deposit I organize the first draft and send back the draft and story questionnaires and all other material.

We communicate mostly by email, but phone consulting is always available.


Email instructions are very easy to follow so most couples find this way of ceremony development less stressful, a welcome value in preparing a wedding.


Elly Jackson

Wedding Officiant

 Since 2005, Elly has officiated 400 plus ceremonies, each one of a kind, joyful, intimate and personal to the couple. 

She has been a business consultant, a university teaching professor, a wife, mother and grandmother.

She is a philosopher and humanist, a writer and performer, devoted to bringing meaning to individuals and to groups.

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